Washerwomen Vote Invitation to Talk and Take Action

Are you feeling ready to take it up a notch? It’s election year 2020 and time to get the vote out. (Imagine the change that is possible if everyone shows up to vote.)

We want to start a different kind of conversation. And we want to start it with you. (This is an invitation.)

We believe we are at a crucial moment in time; one that requires our collective attention and commitment to action. (Maybe you believe the same?)

Globally, nationally and within our communities and families, we are faced with highly complex problems for which there are no simple solutions or established roadmaps. (Too much, too fast, too many.)

We refuse to let apathy or anger derail us or to fall victim to simplistic thinking or divisive propaganda. (We see through the shenanigans.)

We know that whatever can be achieved can only be achieved collaboratively and that we will need to find new ways to navigate through these difficult conflicts. (This requires new brain activities and using new language.)

One thing that each of us can change is the way we talk with each other and how we engage in deeply meaningful conversations that are crucial to shaping our lives and the lives of future generations. (It starts with you and me.)

And we believe that the most important way we can bring our voices to these types of conversations is to vote. (We don’t want anyone’s voice to go missing.)

We see voting as our right, our duty, and our way of ensuring that those who are unable to vote today are still represented in the process. (You are not invisible, and we will not exclude you.)

We are now two decades into the 21st century – what will it take to fulfill the promise of a great society where health and wellbeing for All citizens and a fertile, living, hospitable planet are the true measures of success? (Isn’t that what most of us really want for ourselves and future generations?)

We believe that every vote counts and we want to make sure that every vote will be counted. How do we engage those who could vote but are opting out? (Some of us may have lost faith or interest.)

These are the questions that we are asking ourselves. (Are you asking these questions too?)

We are not alone. We are standing on the shoulders of those who have carried the load in the past and who have fought for equal rights and our inclusion. (We owe them a debt of gratitude and to ensure these rights into the future.)

We are inspired by washerwomen everywhere (past and present) who carry the extra load but do not give up. We look up to them because they are willing to speak up for themselves and others when they experience injustice or see others shut out. (They roll up their sleeves to clean up a mess they did not make.)

We see them as true heroes and we honor them the way kings and queens were once honored. We all know them through our own family histories, everyday living examples, and in legends handed down through time. (Too often they have been disregarded or made invisible.)

This is their moment in time, and we owe it to them to show up, stand strong, and to not be afraid. (Their courage is our courage; they have paved the way.)

We meet their spirit at the riverbank, across the washline, and in laundromats worldwide. These are places of civic engagement where struggles transform into compassionate action and all are treated as equals. (Will you join us there?)

Together, let’s make them proud by bringing voter registration where it counts most and work to illuminate a way forward that will include and bring out the best in all of us.